The Vision Diaries : Ben Soleimani  | Part II

The Vision Diaries : Ben Soleimani | Part II

In our Vision Diaries, we will present in-depth interviews with the tastemakers of today-interior designers, artists, and creatives, sharing their visions and dreams. We kick off the series with Ben Soleimani himself.

Interview by Katharina Baron

When did you start designing?

“ I started when I was a 7-year-old kid in school. I was drawing designs when I was bored in class. I was interested in design in general, but in particular reimagining rugs, symmetrical shapes, diamonds, trees of life, black and white shapes. Persian rugs are very complicated, but I would simplify them. ”

Who were your role models?

“I learned from my parents to be straightforward, hardworking and honest. I always try to learn from everyone I meet. And I meet extraordinary people who have refined my eye. I have been lucky enough to work with the top designers of the world. My clients also have a big influence on me.”

What characteristics do you value in people?

“I respect people who are true to themselves. If they know who they are, they stick to what they believe in and they go after their dreams. I love real people with a  “what you see is what you get” attitude. When you are yourself, you respect others by not playing games.”

Less is more?

“Less is simple. Less clutter, less noise, less is true. When you want to be more is when you start to add artificial things. Less is real, Less is what this world is, what nature is. I always try to make things simple and solve things rather than create problems and make it bigger than it needs to be. Simplify and move forward. It’s an easier life”

What does home mean to you?

“It’s a sanctuary. It’s the place we go to at night to become whole again. Home is everything, home is family. People you love, something you cherish, love.”

Which artists do you love?

“I love Rudolf Stingel. I collect his art because he is all about texture and he also has a fascination for rug designs which I share with him. Texture is also predominant in my design, for everything. He is one of my favorites. I also love Grotjahn.  He is all about angles and diamonds and of course Gerhard Richter, amazing layering.

What are your favorite spots in L.A.?

“It’s amazing to have the ocean on one side and the mountains, hills, downtown on the other side. On a clear day, L.A. is one of the most beautiful places on earth or the day after it rains and you can see nature. All of California is spectacular. “

What is your life philosophy?

“I want to make a difference in this world, change things around me, make things better so it affects other people in a good way. I am not happy with the status quo. We all come in the world and have a period of time that God allots us. The thing you hope for is to have a full life to grow and make a difference.

How do you keep motivated?

“Breathe. And think about what is important in life”

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