Fabric By The Yard

Now available to purchase by the yard, our signature luxe Ben Soleimani fabrics are made from the finest materials from around the world and offer premium quality, comfort, and durability to your indoor and outdoor home design. Choose from our vast selection of exquisitely crafted textiles including Linens, Performance, and Outdoor fabrics for any custom upholstered piece from our Ben Soleimani collection or upholstery project you have.
Belgian Linens
Fabric by the Yard
Starting at $48.00 / Yard
All of our linens are made from the finest natural materials, sourced in Belgium. Washed seven times, all of our linens are soft and are less likely to pill throughout use. Available in Classic Linen, Heavy Linen, and Linen Basketweave, this collection offers ultimate comfort with the elegance and feel of natural textures.
Fabric by the Yard
Starting at $38.00 / Yard
Our Performance fabrics are almost indistinguishable from natural fabrics. Easier to clean and maintain, each unique blend of our treated yarns is spill, stain, and moisture resistant. Each selection highlights the natural sheen and texture of their distinct patterns and weaves.
Indoor & Outdoor
Fabric by the Yard
Starting at $22.00 / Yard
Our collection of outdoor fabrics are constructed to repel water and resist deterioration in any climate condition, lasting up to two years. Available in four selections, these fabrics are ideal for patios and backyards.
Woven Basketweave
Fabric by the Yard
Starting at $60.00 / Yard
Our Woven Basketweave features a wide weave pattern that highlights its natural sheen and texture, adding dimension and interest to any upholstered piece.
Fabric by the Yard
Starting at $48.00 / Yard
Our premium plush Velvet features a luxuriously soft texture and a rich, lustrous finish, making it a sophisticated upholstery option for any furniture piece.

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