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The end of June afternoons may have come just a little too soon this year. But saying goodbye to midsummer night’s dreams, our favorite home office work attire, the swimsuit, and iced poolside corona extras, also means, hello peppermint lattes, mulled wine and holiday season!



Fall officially began last week. Didn’t even notice? We call that a symptom of twenty-twenty-ritis. Although it definitely still feels like summer here in Los Angeles, fall’s arrival will not go unnoticed for too much longer. We hear it all the time: twenty-twenty is flying by and how is it that all that’s left of August is Taylor Swift’s new hit single? The end of June afternoons may have come just a little too soon this year. But saying goodbye to midsummer night’s dreams, our favorite home office work attire, the swimsuit, and iced poolside corona extras, also means, hello peppermint lattes, mulled wine and holiday season! And what better way to prepare for spooky season and yonder than with a few re-decorative efforts and little interior re-designing?

Performance Distressed Rug in Amber (Stain and moisture resistant, easy to clean! Perfect for dining areas or outdoor spaces!)
Performance Distressed Rug - Amber | Ben Soleimani

Part of the seasonal shift’s appeal are the predominantly rich, saturated color schemes that wash over nature: a vast variety of orange and red tones and everything in-between, such as ‘burnt orange,’ deep greens, different brown palettes, golden yellows (or as House Beautiful describes it, ‘Marigold’). These are the typical colors that come to mind when we think ‘autumn.’ For some, bringing these vibrant tints indoors to mirror the changing natural world outside seems like a bold move, especially for home-owners with homes that are set up in slightly more neutral, basic colors. If this is you, don’t don’t fall back into your shell, but instead, incorporate these brighter elements into your home this season— who couldn’t use a little change of scenery this year? You don’t need to renovate — It could be as simple as adding a few statement pieces, like switching your bathroom towels, pillow-cases, perhaps even the throw blanket to ones in fall hues. And what about your rug? It’s incredibly easy and convenient to roll-up a rug and experiment with a few new ones. Switching up your rug game is a subtle way to shift the entire feel of a space in one fall swoop — be it your living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, and yes, even your outdoor areas!

Here are some of this fall season’s warmest, hottest and coolest colors to (pumpkin) spice up your at-home, in-office or outdoors rug-party!


Google this dark orange-yellow hue and the first thing you’ll find is ‘the color of floating autumn leaves.’ Although this potent foliage tone is for sure a looker, it’s also an elegant classic. Not too bright, but rather down-to-earth, rugs in amber are a tasteful and refined, yet distinguished symbiotic addition to any room’s composition. Located between yellow and orange on the color wheel, amber can be paired well with other statement pieces colored somewhere between the two, as well as its complementary colors. If you can recall elementary school color theory, you’ll remember those as luxurious purples (Berry or lustrous Aubergine, for example) or intensifying blues (such as deep Indigo or Navy Blue)— also trending colors for fall, according to Hadley Mendelsohn of House Beautiful. She writes, “Who says cool colors can’t work for fall?” Our response: No one cool ever.

Reve Rug – Indigo | Ben Soleimani



Color and jewel, employing captivating emerald highlights in your room will certainly elevate the space— there’s a reason this deluxe, captivating color has prevailed throughout a long history of chateau and palace interior design. As temperatures outside drop, this shade of green crops up all around — after all it’s hard to overlook those majestic pines! Drop some emerald in your study or bedroom to reconnect with nature, while staying home and quarantining this winter! A bonus —this autumnal green is a calming color that brings clarity to it’s perceiver, an absolute must-have to wind down as this turbulent year comes to a close. A festive color, emerald, reminiscent of the Christmas tree, is great when paired with a myriad of celebratory metallics. Combine it with other earthy casts for a country house vibe. This BEN SOLEIMANI ARBOLITA RUG in Dark Emerald is great if you want to go with a more botanical theme or are a proud houseplant parent! And our recipe for a more sleek urbane, yet slightly edgy look: fuse emerald with some neutrals or other daily leafy greens. And if you’re thinking twice about purchasing your rug in emerald, don’t! Emerald is timeless!

Arbolita Rug - Dark Emerald | Ben Soleimani



The best news is you don’t have to choose just one of these colors for your rug. You can go with a magical blend, as exemplified in our dreamy BEN SOLEIMANI REVE RUG in Dark Cyan or Copper. These mossy blends are true artistic masterpieces encapsulating numerous fall moods in just a single expressionist representation. Blends of cooler dyes, such as navy and grey, are unquestionably reminiscent of late fall, early winter: iced over ponds and lakes and the shine and shimmer of the first morning frost.


Gold Gold, Brass, Copper, Rust — these fine shiny metallics will not only match, but accentuate your ornaments, table decor and exquisite China that finds its way back onto the dinner table this time of the year. Nothing catches the eye more than a sparkling gilded detail. Yes, even if it’s below your feet, keeping them snug as a bug in a rug as you enjoy your turkey. While opulent and formal, metallics are a great way to give your living space that cozy jovial holiday glow, “wrapping the room in a monochromatic blanket of glowing warmth” without compromising chic and glamour. Whether your space calls for more subtle hints of glitz and glam or bolder ones, a more traditional or rather a contemporary rug, BEN SOLEIMANI offers it all.

Metallic Zia Rug – Grey / Gold | Ben Soleimani



They are called the classics for a reason because they simply go with every season! From comfy beiges to homey chocolate tints, browns are a staple color for autumn. Brown pigments are even better when mixed and matched (say, for example, you want your cozy carpet to match your equally cozy throw blankets and pillows) to create an inviting atmosphere that will make you want to light up some candles and make some hot cocoa. Elle Decor suggests to “try adding just a few earth-tone compositions that vary in shade.” Browns work super well if you’re going for a rustic aesthetic and your home has lots of wooden details, but work similarly well in sleeker organic-meets-elegant new traditionalist homes. Such a fantastic natural fall color, tints of caramel will melt the heart of anyone with a naturalist design approach.

Charcoal, whites, and the fifty shades of grey in-between — the omega and alpha for the minimalists among us. To establish a dark and moody ambience, charcoal is your best bet. For those that would rather brighten up their quarters on those gloomier days, rolling out a white rug or rug with white accents will certainly make the room appear lighter and more vivid. These colors are excellent for creating color contrasts and provide excellent backdrops that will only make offset the bright colors, really allowing them to pop!

A healthy mashup of the classic hues is an effective way to ward off monotony. For example, a "single hued [grey] composition could fall flat if not for the purity of white elements that pepper the scene." The best part about the classics? They are in style all year round! In addition to the colors, the natural texture and natural variations within fibers, textures, and weaves of Ben Soleimani rugs render them the perfect notes for creating a seasonally-inspired organic, yet sophisticated fall aesthetic in your home!

We hope these insider tips sparked the fire within you to kick off your new fall season quarantine project! Happy creating!

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