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Rhea Vessel - Steel Grey

Rhea Vessel - Black

Tarro Handblown Vase

Aurora Vase - Smoke

Aurora Vase - Clear

Aurora Vase - Carbon

Ferrum Bowl

Vernon Bowl

Montana Bowl

Cruz Iron Bowl

Calla Flower Vase

Darya Glass Vase

Ben Soleimani's vases and bowls are designed to suit a wide array of home styles, from the contemporary to the traditional. These decorative pieces offer incredible versatility, allowing them to be used in various settings such as dining tables, mantles, or as standalone art pieces. Whether filled with fresh flowers, displayed as is, or used to hold treasured items, these decorative vases and bowls add a touch of sophistication to any room.

The selection of materials in Ben Soleimani’s collection reflects a balance of texture and form. From the smooth contours of ceramic to the distinct feel of Darya Glass Vases and the organic beauty of stone, these pieces are selected for their ability to create visual interest through materiality. The varying textures not only draw the eye but also invite touch, adding a tangible quality to their aesthetic appeal.

Incorporating vases and bowls from Ben Soleimani into your home decor is an opportunity to curate your space with individual flair. Pair these items with luxurious throw pillows for a layered look, or place atop one of Ben Soleimani's elegant rugs to anchor your decor scheme. The lighting collection offers complementary pieces that can highlight these vases and bowls, creating interplay between light and shadow that further accentuates their beauty.

Ben Soleimani's vases and bowls are perfect for seasonal decor changes or celebrating special occasions. Fill them with seasonal blooms, colorful fruits, or themed decorations to mark holidays and celebrations. Their adaptability makes them invaluable for anyone looking to infuse their living spaces with a sense of occasion and festivity, easily transitioning from everyday elegance to special-event splendor.


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