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Laria Rug

Sienna Silk and Wool Rug

Tierra Rug

Caserta Rug

Ibiza Rug

Isa Jute Rug

Cento Indoor / Outdoor

Ibiza Rug

Sienna Silk, Wool and Nettle Rug

Performance Distressed Rug

Performance Distressed Rug

Corte Indoor / Outdoor Rug

The expansive 14' x 20' size of these rugs offers an unparalleled opportunity to elevate large spaces with ease. Ideal for grand living areas, spacious dining rooms, or opulent master bedrooms, a 14' x 20' rug acts as an anchor, bringing cohesiveness and warmth to your home’s design. These rugs create a luxurious foundation that invites you to define and style large areas without compromising on comfort or elegance.

Within Ben Soleimani's 14' x 20' rugs collection, each piece is a reflection of diverse design philosophies, ranging from the understated elegance of minimalist patterns to the rich textures and colors of more intricate designs. Whether your decor leans towards modern simplicity or traditional opulence, you will find a rug that not only complements your space but also elevates it to new aesthetic heights.

True to the Ben Soleimani legacy, each 14' x 20' rug is a masterpiece of quality and craftsmanship. Using only the finest materials, these rugs are not only visually stunning but are also made to last, ensuring durability and resilience against the wear and tear of everyday life. The meticulous attention to detail in every weave guarantees that your rug will remain a treasured part of your home for generations.

To achieve a harmonious and luxurious interior, consider pairing your 14' x 20' rug with complementary pieces from Ben Soleimani’s extensive range of high-end furniture and decor. From elegant seating options to sophisticated lighting fixtures, Ben Soleimani offers everything needed to create a cohesive look that enhances the grandeur of your oversized rug.

Beyond their beauty, Ben Soleimani's 14' x 20' rugs serve as the perfect foundation for home entertaining. Their generous size accommodates multiple seating arrangements, making them ideal for gatherings, celebrations, and intimate soirées. These rugs not only set the tone for memorable events but also ensure your guests enjoy unparalleled comfort and style.

Incorporating a 14' x 20' rug from Ben Soleimani into your home is a statement of personal style and an affinity for luxury. These rugs allow you to express your unique design sensibilities on a grand scale, creating a living space that is both visually captivating and reflective of your personal taste.


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