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Pillows & Throws

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Wool Flannel Pillow - Sand | Solid Sand

Wool Flannel Pillow - Sand | Solid Sand

Wool Small Herringbone Pillow - Cream | Solid Sand

Wool Herringbone Pillow - Grey | Solid Sand

Herringbone Stripe Pillow - Grey | Solid Sand

Wool Pinstripe Pillow - Beige | Solid Sand

Wool Small Plaid Pillow - Cream / Grey | Solid Sand

Herringbone Stripe Pillow - Camel | Solid Sand

Wool Flannel Pillow - Camel | Solid Sand

Wool Flannel Pillow - Caramel | Solid Sand

Wool Plaid Pillow - Grey | Solid Sand

Herringbone Stripe Pillow - Blue | Solid Sand

Wool Flannel Pillow - Blue

Wool Herringbone Pillow - Blue | Carbon

Wool Herringbone Pillow - Black | Solid Sand

Herringbone Stripe Pillow - Charcoal | Solid Sand

Wool Plaid Pillow - Dark Grey | Carbon

Wool Small Plaid Pillow - Charcoal | Carbon

Wool Plaid Pillow - Brown | Solid Sand

{type:root,children:{type:paragraph,children:{type:text,value:Ben Soleimanis},{type:link,url:,title:null,target:null,children:{type:text,value: Pillows & Throws Collection}},{type:text,value: features a diverse palette of textures and colors, ensuring theres a perfect match for every interior design scheme. From the subtle elegance of neutrals to the bold statement of vibrant hues, each piece is thoughtfully designed to complement your existing },{type:link,url:,title:null,target:null,children:{type:text,value:decor}},{type:text,value: while adding a layer of visual interest and tactile pleasure.}},{type:paragraph,children:{type:text,value:Crafted from the finest materials, the pillows and throws in this collection embody Ben Soleimanis commitment to quality. Each piece is made to not only look beautiful but also to withstand the test of time, ensuring your home remains a sanctuary of comfort and style. These luxurious textiles are durable enough for everyday use yet delicate enough to elevate the aesthetics of your home.}},{type:paragraph,children:{type:text,value:The right pillow or throw can transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary. Ben Soleimanis collection offers a wide variety of styles, from},{type:link,url:,title:null,target:null,children:{type:text,value: }},{type:text,value:},{type:link,url:,title:null,target:null,children:{type:text,value:elegant throws}},{type:text,value: that drape beautifully over a chair to},{type:link,url:,title:null,target:null,children:{type:text,value: }},{type:text,value:},{type:link,url:,title:null,target:null,children:{type:text,value:decorative pillows}},{type:text,value: that add a pop of color or texture to your },{type:link,url:,title:null,target:null,children:{type:text,value:sofa}},{type:text,value:. These accents are perfect for refreshing your living space or adding the finishing touches to a newly decorated room.}},{type:paragraph,children:{type:text,value:Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Ben Soleimanis pillows and throws provide cozy comfort that invites relaxation in every season. Wrap yourself in a sumptuous throw during cooler months or rest your head on a plush pillow during lazy summer days. These versatile pieces offer year-round enjoyment, making them indispensable for any home.}},{type:paragraph,children:{type:text,value:Achieve a cohesive look by pairing Ben Soleimanis pillows and throws with other items from the brands collections. Whether its the understated elegance of the},{type:link,url:,title:null,target:null,children:{type:text,value: Performance Fabric}},{type:text,value: upholstered furniture or the sophisticated design of the},{type:link,url:,title:null,target:null,children:{type:text,value: Outdoor Collections}},{type:text,value:, these textiles are designed to enhance and complement the luxury of Ben Soleimani furnishings.}},{type:paragraph,children:{type:text,value:Ben Soleimanis pillows and throws make exquisite gifts for any occasion, offering a touch of luxury and comfort to loved ones. Whether celebrating a housewarming, a special anniversary, or simply showing appreciation, these pieces are thoughtful presents that will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.}}}


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