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Corte Indoor / Outdoor Rug

Laria Rug

Sienna Silk and Wool Rug

Caserta Rug

Sienna Silk, Wool and Nettle Rug

Ibiza Rug

Isa Jute Rug

Pavia Indoor / Outdoor Rug

Cento Indoor / Outdoor

Sora Indoor / Outdoor

Anda Rug

Distressed Wool Rug

Discover the Elegance of 12' x 18' Luxury Indoor Rugs at Ben Soleimani


Transform your home with the luxurious touch of 12' x 18' indoor rugs from Ben Soleimani. These high-quality rugs bring warmth, comfort, and style to any interior. This guide delves into the essentials of choosing the perfect 12' x 18' rug, covering materials, design, and maintenance.

Why a 12 x 18 Rug?

A 12 x 18 rug is perfect for larger spaces, offering ample coverage and the ability to define different zones within a room. It's ideal for spacious living areas, dining rooms, and open-concept spaces. Explore our collection of 12 x 18  rugs to find the perfect centerpiece for your room.

Materials and Construction:

Quality and durability are key in luxury rugs. At, we offer rugs made from premium materials like wool, silk, and natural fiber blends, ensuring both comfort and longevity.

  • Wool Rugs: Known for their durability and elegance, wool rugs are a timeless choice. They're resilient, soft, and naturally stain-resistant. Browse our wool rug selection for a touch of luxury.
  • Silk Rugs: For ultimate sophistication, silk rugs offer a luxurious sheen and delicate beauty. Perfect for low-traffic areas, they add an exquisite touch to any setting. Check out our exclusive silk rug collection.
  • Natural Fiber Blends: These rugs combine the durability of wool with the sheen of silk or viscose, offering both beauty and practicality. Explore our blended fiber rugs for versatile options.

Handmade vs. Machine-Made Rugs:

Choose between the unique charm of handmade rugs and the affordability of machine-made options. Handmade rugs at showcase skilled craftsmanship, while our machine-made rugs offer consistency and value.

Design and Style:

Our 12 x 18 luxury indoor rugs come in various designs:

Maintenance and Care:

Maintain the beauty of your rug with professional care. Use rug pads to extend its life and protect your floors. For detailed care instructions, visit our Rug Care Guide.

Elevate your home with a 12 x 18 luxury indoor rug from Whether you're drawn to traditional elegance or modern sophistication, our extensive collection offers something for every taste. Discover the perfect rug to enhance your space and create a cozy, stylish environment.


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