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Glynn Round Log Basket

Barrow Basket

Clarion Basket

The baskets in Ben Soleimani's collection are crafted from premium materials, including leather and woven textures, ensuring durability and longevity. The Glynn Round Log Basket, for example, is not only functional for storing logs by the fireplace but also serves as a statement piece with its unique design and craftsmanship.

Ben Soleimani's baskets are designed with versatility in mind. Whether you're looking to organize your living room, declutter your bedroom, or add a decorative touch to your entryway, these baskets fit seamlessly into various spaces and design schemes. The Barrow Basket, available in Carbon and Camel leather, is perfect for storing blankets, magazines, or children's toys, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

These baskets complement other offerings from Ben Soleimani, allowing for a cohesive look throughout your home. Pair a Clarion Basket with a luxurious rug from the collection, or place it beside a sleek sofa to enhance the elegance and comfort of your living space.

Beyond their practical use, Ben Soleimani's baskets are a statement of luxury. Each piece reflects the brand's dedication to quality and design, making them more than just storage solutions—they're works of art that elevate the decor of any room.

These baskets make for perfect gifts, offering a blend of sophistication, functionality, and timeless design. Whether for a housewarming, a wedding, or a special occasion, a basket from Ben Soleimani's collection is a thoughtful and luxurious present that is sure to be appreciated.

Discover the full range of baskets at Ben Soleimani and find the perfect pieces to add to your collection or gift to someone special. Each basket is a testament to the brand's commitment to enhancing living spaces with beauty, elegance, and functionality.


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