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Concrete Tables

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Roane Dining Table

Roane Dining Table

Terrin Concrete Pedestal Dining Table

Anton Square Coffee Table

Anton Concrete Side Table

Tusk Concrete Bench

Mali Stool

Anton Rectangular Coffee Table

Ben Soleimani's concrete tables are not just furniture; they're centerpieces that elevate the ambiance of both indoor and outdoor environments. Their minimalist design, characterized by clean lines and a natural palette, complements a variety of décor themes, from the starkly modern to the warmly rustic. Each table in the Concrete Collection serves as a versatile backdrop for life's moments, whether hosting a grand dinner party or enjoying a quiet morning coffee.

Crafted with attention to detail, these concrete tables epitomize durability without compromising on style. The material's inherent strength ensures that each piece not only stands the test of time but also maintains its sophisticated appearance through daily wear and tear. This makes Ben Soleimani's concrete tables a wise investment for those seeking both longevity and luxury in their home furnishings.

One of the most compelling attributes of Ben Soleimani's concrete tables is their ability to integrate seamlessly into any space. Their neutral color scheme and textured finish offer a unique opportunity to blend these tables with a variety of decor elements. Enhancing their versatility, items from the Rug Collection or Lighting Collection can complement the concrete's natural beauty, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

To further personalize your space, Ben Soleimani offers a range of luxurious accessories that pair beautifully with the concrete tables. From the elegant simplicity of the Boxes and Trays Collection to the plush comfort of the Throw Pillows Collection, these accessories allow you to add layers of texture and color, elevating the aesthetic of your living environment.

While focusing on design and durability, Ben Soleimani’s concrete tables also embody the brand’s message of timeless elegance. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to ensure that it not only enhances today’s interiors but also aligns with the timeless appeal, ensuring that your investment remains a cherished part of your home for years to come.


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