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Sienna Silk and Wool Rug

Reve Rug

Performance Novara Rug

High Pile Silk Rug

Mongolian Cashmere Cut Rug

Ribbed Flax and Nettle Rug

Sora Indoor / Outdoor

Imola Rug

Isa Jute Rug

Aversa Rug

Oblia Rug

Saheel Handknotted Shag Rug

The 12' x 15' rugs from Ben Soleimani are designed to make a statement. With their expansive size, these rugs become the focal point of any room, providing a luxurious foundation that ties together all elements of your decor. Whether you're decorating a grand living room, a formal dining area, or a spacious bedroom, a 12' x 15' rug offers both the scale and style needed to elevate the space.

Ben Soleimani understands that personal tastes vary widely, which is why the 12' x 15' rugs collection features a diverse range of styles. From minimalist designs that speak to understated elegance to bold patterns that captivate and command attention, there's a rug for every aesthetic preference. Each rug is a work of art, crafted to add depth, texture, and color to your home.

True to the Ben Soleimani legacy, each rug in the 12' x 15' collection is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Utilizing only the finest materials, these rugs are durable, luxurious to the touch, and designed to withstand the rigors of daily life while maintaining their beauty. The commitment to excellence ensures that your investment not only enhances your home today but remains a cherished element for years to come.

A 12' x 15' rug from Ben Soleimani serves as the foundation upon which luxurious spaces are built. Its large dimensions allow it to anchor furniture groupings, define open spaces, and add warmth and texture to hard flooring. The visual impact of a rug this size can transform an ordinary room into an opulent retreat that reflects your personal style and sophistication.

For a harmonious interior, pair your 12' x 15' rug with furnishings from Ben Soleimani's exclusive collections. Whether it's the sleek lines of a modern sofa, the organic curves of a sculptural chair, or the refined elegance of a statement light fixture, Ben Soleimani offers a range of pieces that complement the luxury and scale of your rug, creating a cohesive and inviting environment.

Beyond their beauty, Ben Soleimani's 12' x 15' rugs offer versatile decor solutions for large spaces. Their size makes them an ideal choice for layering with smaller rugs for added texture or for defining multiple seating or activity areas within an open-plan space. This flexibility allows you to customize your living environment to suit your lifestyle and decor preferences.


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