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Performance Boucle | Chalk

Performance Boucle | Chalk

Performance Boucle | Bone

Performance Boucle | Heather

Performance Boucle | Sand

Performance Boucle | Lead

Crafted with the modern homeowner in mind, the Performance Bouclé Swatches are designed to resist spills, stains, and wear, making them an ideal choice for families, pet owners, and anyone who loves to entertain. These swatches provide a glimpse into the potential of transforming any room into a haven of comfort without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. By incorporating these fabrics into furniture pieces, Ben Soleimani enables you to create spaces that embody resilience while exuding a sense of refined luxury.

The versatility of the Performance Bouclé Swatches extends beyond their functional attributes, offering a variety of textures and shades that can complement any interior design scheme. When paired with Ben Soleimani’s rug collection, these fabrics help curate cohesive and inviting spaces that feel cohesive and luxuriously comfortable, showcasing your unique style and taste.

Ben Soleimani's commitment to elevating outdoor living spaces is also evident in the Performance Collection. The durability and style of the Performance Bouclé fabric make it a fitting choice for outdoor furniture, allowing you to extend the sophistication of your interiors to your garden, patio, or balcony. This seamless integration ensures that your love for refined aesthetics doesn't stop at the door but flows effortlessly into your outdoor sanctuary.

Accessorizing with Performance Bouclé fabrics allows for creative expression in your decor. The collection's decorative pillows and throws add layers of texture and warmth, enhancing the overall comfort and visual appeal of your living spaces. These accessories are not just accents but essential components that bring depth and dimension to your home, making it a truly personalized retreat.

Illuminating your spaces with the right lighting can further accentuate the beauty of the Performance Bouclé fabrics. Ben Soleimani offers a variety of lighting options that complement the textures and colors of the swatches, from ambient lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere to statement pieces that highlight the unique characteristics of the fabric, ensuring that each room radiates warmth and sophistication.


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