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Modern Persian Rugs


Over the years, Persian rugs, also known as oriental rugs, have offered an enchanting accent to living spaces. As their intricate designs and richly colored hues work as functional pieces of art, they’ve been known to live not just on floors but have adorned walls as well. And while antique styles are more coveted to some, they almost always come with a hefty price tag and tracking them down can become a tiresome process. Thankfully, more modern styles have surfaced which, if crafted correctly, can offer all the traditional elements we love from them at a more reasonable price.

So what are the elements that distinguish a true, Persian rug? By getting to know their ancient methods of construction and time-honored designs, we’ll be able to recognize the modern styles that pay tribute to the more historic pieces.

Characteristics of Authentic Persian Rugs

Known as one of the gemstones of Iranian culture, Persian rugs carry with them ancient methods and symbolic Persian textiles which are handcrafted with local materials. Here are some qualities that make up these works of art.

  • Hand-knotted
  • Symbolic motifs
  • Back of rug will have a mirrored image from front
  • Some imperfections confirm they are traditionally made
  • Dyed with plants and minerals
  • Typically made of natural materials like wool, silk, and cotton
  • Value increases with knot count
  • Varying pile thickness depending on desired appearance and performance

Qualities To Look For In Modern Persian Rugs

While antique Persian rugs are a still rare commodity, they’ve inspired what has now become one of the most sought out pieces of decor. Their striking hues, geometric shapes, and enchanting designs echo the treasured, century-old traditions which compliment a variety of spaces. If made well, the traditional characteristics can still be found in modern Persian rugs, in addition to more present-day trends. Here are some elements to look for while searching for well-crafted modern rugs which can be found in our contemporary collection.

  • Hand-knotted
  • Abstract patterns
  • Made with natural materials like wool and silk
  • Traditional imperfection in designs
  • Rich dyes inspired by earth-derived colors
  • Each piece is made one-of-a-kind
  • Varying pile thickness depending on desired appearance and performance

Benefits Of Incorporating Modern Rugs

As modern Persian rugs are a touch more toned down than the traditional pieces they were inspired by, this allows a much more approachable method of decorating. Not only are they easier to style, they offer many more functional benefits to make them the clear choice for a variety of lifestyles.

  • Outdoor versions available for easy maintenance
  • Widely more available
  • Easily customizable
  • Simpler styles compliment more furnishings
  • Can be used as transitional decor as well as statement pieces

Finding The Perfect Rug

Antique Persian rugs will always hold a coveted place in our hearts and it’s because of them that we have so many beautiful, more modern alternatives to choose from. But if during your search you realize you’d prefer a rug that’s more tailored to your space, we offer the option to customize your luxury rug so you can find the one that fits just right.

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