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Ben Soleimani

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vision diaries

The Vision Diaries: Ben Soleimani

In our Vision Diaries we will present in-depth interviews with the tastemakers of today-interior designers, artists and creatives, sharing their visions and dreams. We kick off the series with Ben Soleimani himself.

Interview by Katharina Baron

What is your vision behind your brand?

“I am creating the complete home for the customer that has a point of view. Good quality and good design are not only for the very rich. Right now to buy the best quality, you have to spend a lot of money and that cuts a lot of people out that really have the understanding, but not the budget. My new company makes it much more attainable for people who understand, but don’t have the capability to spend 10 thousand dollars on a sofa. It’s nice to reach more people. It feels good to grow and expand your audience. ”

What does it take to achieve your dreams?

“It’s simple: Hard work.”

“Everything I have done in my life has been through hard work. You have a vision and no matter what you need to get there. And when you have that attitude it’s fun. You work!  I want my brain to work all the time: when you have dinner, in the middle of the night when you wake up in the morning when you open your eyes. But it is not work when you believe in something and you love it. You just want to do it. It’s a way of life“

What inspires your work?

“Inspiration is everywhere, Some people see it some people don’t. Traveling has been the most inspiring for me: seeing different cultures, different cities, different architectures.

Growing up in London the architecture was a great inspiration, later the nature in California, the landscape in Argentina.”

Your biggest passion is Polo.

“Yes! I love Polo because it is a game that you can never master. The best player in the world is improving every day. There is so much room to learn and elevate. It is the only thing that gets my undivided attention. I am always thinking about two, three different things. But for that hour and a half that you are playing a game, your brain is nowhere else and it cannot be anywhere else otherwise you would not survive. You are one with the animal, you connect and feel the horse, know its capabilities and weaknesses.“

How does it feel to have your own company?

“In your own company, there is no limit to your growth. You have all the possibilities to make a difference if you put in the hard work. It is nice to make your own decisions and your own destiny. All other industries have been revolutionized and you can get good quality at a direct to consumer price. At the top level of the design world, this has not happened yet and it’s time to make design more accessible”

What is good design?

“Good design is not in your face and is created by subtle texture changes, a beautiful wash of color. Good design is there, yet it is not. When you get close it’s there, and when you stand far away. It’s the perfection of all those details.

I do many things but designing is fun for me. It’s playtime. ”




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