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mongolian cashmere shag

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High Pile Mongolian Cashmere Rug

High Pile Mongolian Cashmere Rug

High Pile Mongolian Cashmere Rug

High Pile Mongolian Cashmere Rug

High Pile Mongolian Cashmere Rug

High Pile Mongolian Cashmere Rug

Each rug in the Mongolian Cashmere Shag collection embodies Ben Soleimani's commitment to quality and design. The exquisite texture and depth of these rugs add a dimensional beauty to any space, seamlessly integrating with both contemporary and traditional decor styles. Whether placed in a cozy living area, a serene bedroom, or a welcoming hallway, a Mongolian cashmere shag rug elevates the ambiance with its unmatched softness and sophisticated aesthetic.

The versatility of the Mongolian Cashmere Shag rugs is one of their most appealing attributes. Their timeless elegance makes them a perfect match for a variety of furniture and decor pieces from Ben Soleimani’s collections. Paired with luxurious seating, these rugs create an inviting space where relaxation is inevitable, and style is evident in every detail.

Not only do these rugs enhance the look and feel of a room, but they also offer a tactile experience that is second to none. The lush, dense pile of the cashmere shag provides a comforting embrace for your feet, making every step a journey into comfort. Complement this experience with soft lighting and plush pillows to create an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation and luxury.

In addition to their aesthetic and unique appeal, the Mongolian Cashmere Shag rugs are a prime example of sustainable luxury. By choosing one of these rugs, you’re investing in a piece that is as enduring as it is beautiful. The durability of cashmere ensures that your rug remains a centerpiece of comfort and style in your home for years to come, while its timeless design ensures it never goes out of style.

For those looking to create a cohesive and luxurious interior, the Mongolian Cashmere Shag collection can be seamlessly paired with other items from Ben Soleimani's extensive range of home furnishings. From elegant dining tables to chic mirrors, each piece is designed to complement the luxurious appeal of the cashmere shag rugs, ensuring a harmonious and sophisticated home environment.


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