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Down Alternative Pillow Insert - White

Color |WHITE


The Down Alternative Pillow Insert

Ben Soleimani's Down Alternative Pillow Insert in White is a testament to the brand's commitment to luxury and comfort. This pillow insert, available at Ben Soleimani, is designed to offer the plushness and support of down without the allergens, making it a perfect choice for every home.

Luxurelle™: The Heart of Comfort

At the core of this pillow insert is 100% Luxurelle™, a luxe down alternative that mimics the look and feel of down. Luxurelle™ is known for its ability to maintain shape and provide consistent comfort, ensuring that your pillows always look full and inviting.

Versatility in Sizes

The Down Alternative Pillow Insert comes in various sizes, including 13" x 21", 22" x 22", 16" x 24", and 26" x 26", catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether it's for a small decorative pillow or a large cushion for lounging, there's a size that fits perfectly.

Pairing with Ben Soleimani Pillow Covers

To maximize the aesthetic appeal, pair these inserts with Ben Soleimani's range of pillow covers. The Textured Pillow Cover in Charcoal or the Chevron Pillow Cover in Dark Green are excellent choices to add a touch of elegance to any room.

Beyond Pillows: Complete Your Home Aesthetic

Ben Soleimani's expertise in home decor extends beyond pillows. The brand offers a comprehensive range of products, from luxurious rugs to elegant furniture, each designed with the same attention to detail and quality as the Down Alternative Pillow Insert.


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